Spring Dress & Classes!

Posted on February 21, 2014 by Sandy Ericson

All Classes Will Go!
And there are spaces still open so jump in and learn to drape!  Here are the details:
Draping for Fit:  March 22, 9 - 4:30
  An introductory class for basic techniques, tools, materiel's, and resources; involves draping the basic dress sloper (block pattern) for any body; includes draping for figure problems such as asymmetry or posture issues to achieve balanced, well fitted garment block patterns. Block patterns are then used to develop a variety of fashion designs.  Details. 
Draping for Design 1:  March 23, 9 - 4:30 
 An exploration of draped designs beyond basic fit; learning how to manipulate fabric on the form to achieve a variety of more advanced designs such as complex bodice darts, cowls, flares and asymmetrically draped folds.  Details.   
Draping for Design 2: April 27, 9 - 4:30
  Draping specific garments and garment parts such as collars, pants, sleeves, bustiers, jackets, student requests and draping from a sketch or photo. Also included is how to develop flat paper patterns from the draped muslins.  Details.

Update on Online Classes

Haven't dropped the ball on this one but since we began, the technology to produce an online class suddenly became more amazing for the student, so we are delaying this until March to take advantage of new tech possibilities -- stay tuned.  A reminder, the first one is on how to make a pattern from a fashion photo or sketch.

Then There's THE Sale . . . Vintage Clothing and Textile Sale  . . . now including patterns & more!
April 26, 2014, 9 - 4, at the Ribbonerie. (The day before the Design 2 class)

And A New Pattern:  The Angel Dress    
Details in the Store

This is a Vionnet cut piece, totally on the bias with just 2 pieces, front and back, which seam asymmetrically at the neckline.  It is a true One-Day Dress -- just pops over the head and you're out the door!











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