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Posted on June 26, 2012 by Sandy Ericson

Stylesight.  Here's a great resource with some accessible designer tools such as original flat sketches, print motifs, and graphics, all in a royalty-free, vector-based format to allow you to customize, create and share designs easily and quickly.  Have fun -- p.s. it's a subscription but great for businesses short on consultant budgets. 


Block Party.  The British Crafts Council is sponsoring Block Party,  a show focused upon the art of tailoring and the importance of bespoke patterns or blocks for each person, underscoring the unique physical identity of every one of us.  When thinking custom clothing,  it answers the "why go there?" question.  Check  the video, Negative Space 


The Secret Lives of Our Clothe. With diminishing resources, we must and should ante up a little more to have a wardrobe is more than a commodity in our lives but a real asset to get you where you want to go.  Give yourself some motivation for the task with this video and then download the Good Guide App, for handy reference when shopping -- every dollar spent is your vote for a better life and fashion future. 

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