Pattern Design Seminars

Posted on November 10, 2012 by Sandy Ericson

Believing completely as I do that many people can cut creatively if given the spark to start, we have listed all the sparks that seem to be the most requested, all in one place -- big job but done at last!  The stumbling blocks have been cost and space for distant sites but everyone in the recent Textile Center class, Draping Beyond Tradition, convinced me that some specialties are just not out there and should be. So check the list and run it past your next design group meeting since the calendar here needs a lead time of 6 months.  If you need instruction in an area not listed, like the very basics for beginners for example, let me know -- that can happen. 
As people learn to cut something personal and interesting they acquire new values for the meaning of dress and that creates more respect among us all.

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