New Book Section: Used Fashion and Textile Books

Posted on November 10, 2012 by Sandy Ericson

Here's a teaching secret -- most good teachers learned more from their own research and study than they did while in school.  Turns out real understanding requires more deep study than one expected -- surprise!  Undergrad and grad classes ignited the mind but the heavy lifting in learning came from what happened after the university years.  Thousands of nights pouring over books and then thousands of days trying out a process for a class you had to teach next semester.  So I wound up with more books than I can believe.  Starting soon, they will go up on this site, one shelf at a time, for other teachers and learners.  I hope they help to keep alive much of the core understanding of this field.  I am so grateful to all the authors who taught me.  Thank you.  Enjoy! 
P.S. The photo above is of a few shelves -- there are at least 48 shelves to go!

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