Fashion is About the Calendar -- Believe It.

Posted on December 22, 2012 by Sandy Ericson

Every year serious fashion people get a grip on the calendar or die. The new year is not only about renewal it's also about surviving to next January. Job announcements go up, admissions people post openings, contests are announced, trade and fashion shows are planned and the hunt for money is on -- from investors, customers, stores, licensees et al.  That said, calendar control is probably the least taught subject for fashion students and many don't actually give it the importance it merits until post-failure and there is a requiem going on, followed by silence and then, "Oh".  

If you're in the student stage, start by looking at what you can access and when it's due.  Here are some global timed opportunities for students and start-ups (for which we thank Julian Neuville, writing for B of F)Fashion First, Fashion Fringe, NewGen, BCIT Venture Program, CFDA Fashion Incubator, GQ's Best Menswear Designers in America, CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund and ANDAM (Fr.).  For sure, there's more, but now is the time to hit the HR Depts., scholarship sources, contests, admissions links, trade shows or fashion weeks. From there, work backwards 6-12 months and construct a project calendar (there's an app for that).  Look at it the FIRST thing every day -- sleep with it.  Key truth:  If you have time, you can compete with the best. No time = no place.  Do one incredible project or line you can submit for multiple purposes.  Planning takes you there, so tightly integrate your resources, time, money, contacts, due dates and the help you'll need. It's Calendar Time.

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