Why Fashion -- What's the Point?

Posted on January 02, 2013 by Sandy Ericson

In response to Cathy Horyn's piece for the NYTimes (12/28/12) about Michelle Obama's style, it seems that Horyn missed the larger cultural point.  After fretting over who thought Obama's clothing choices were frivolous or copied Jackie Kennedy or were balanced by her good works (can't appear a fluff head) or cost too much or which labels were chosen, there was nothing about why it is important for a first lady to remind everyone that up-to-date dressing that is intelligent and attractive raises the level of civility.  That one fact alone provides a strong imperative for all leaders to remember that they lead in non-verbal as well as verbal ways.  Anyone who stands up straighter in their best outfit understands that appearance more often drives behavior, the conclusion of more than one university thesis.  If ever there was a a need for more people to model civility, it certainly is now, right now.  In a country struggling with delayed maturation (age 34 at last check), wearing pull-on clothes from cradle to grave and obsessed with instant gratification, please give us more people who dress like grown-ups and act accordingly.

Posted in January 2013

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