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The Textile Clothing Technology Corp. is the think tank for the US apparel industry -- they are the best and most current source of information and tech for the apparel industry, funded by the industry itself.  TC2 conducts research and pulls together the best brains from US universities and commercial enterprise to meet the future.  And for those who want to hit the ground running this quarter, they offer classes!   This round of classes are:

First Quarter 2013 Seminar Schedule
January 16-18, How to Build a Tech Pack
Learn how to specify apparel from standard components.  Principles, communication methods, and applications of these four main components are discussed during the 2 days of training:
Customer – preferences, standard body measurements, and sizing strategies
Fabric – characteristics and selection
Construction – overview of seam selection and specification
Style – body/pattern/garment relationships, sloper and block development, sample processes, and garment measurement

February 4-8, Introduction to Apparel Manufacturing
[TC]²’s most popular in-house seminar, Intro to Apparel Manufacturing, offers an overview of the entire manufacturing process with numerous hands-on exercises. Topics covered include: textile fundamentals, fiber formation and fabric design, fabric characteristics, pattern and marker development, material utilization, spreading and cutting exercises, costing, and much more. Key apparel terms and concepts are featured, along with standard terminology for seam and stitch formations.

February 19-20, Fit for Retailers: Pants
Have you noticed that some pants styles fit certain people better than others?  Is it true that higher priced pants fit better than lower priced pants?  Is it necessary to sacrifice comfort for fit?
These questions and more will be studied with examples of patterns, bodies, and garments.  We will explore why good fit can be subjective, demonstrate approaches to resolve fit issues, and teach methods for achieving good fit.

March 4-6, Pattern, Grade, and Marker Development
This seminar is a condensed version of our popular Pattern Development and Grading for Fit 3 day seminars.  Topics covered include:  a review of terminology and patternmaking principles related to fit; learning flat pattern techniques; utilizing slopers to make first patterns; drafting a woman’s pants sloper from body measurements; deriving, calculating, and applying grade rules from specifications and measurements for garments; and  reviewing requirements for and effects on production and the final garment.

The small class size of [TC]² seminars guarantees individual attention and participant networking to enhance the learning process.  Seminars will be held at [TC]², 5651 Dillard Drive, Cary, NC.  For additional information or to register, contact Debra Gill via telephone at 919.653.3501, or email  Download the course catalog.

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