Four Weavers and a new coat!

Posted on January 13, 2013 by Sandy Ericson

 Four Weavers Opens in Petaluma!!

Yesterday (Saturday 1/12) was the opening of the new Four Weavers show in Petaluma, CA -- a mind-boggling collection of the most beautiful things possible with a length of yarn.  It was truly futuristic fiber, a very long shot from whatever's in your head about the home-grown version of weaving.  The four Bay Area women featured in the show are Candace Crockett, Ulla de Larios, Suki Russack, and Barbara Shapiro -- each one at the peak of her expertise and all showing their best work.  Plus, there are also six mannequins with the Four Weavers' wonderfully artistic garments that show many great possibilities for designs using hand weaves.  One of which is a coat, the Bias Tier Coat (my contribution) with Candace Crockett's fabric and the pattern is available to inspire other weavers too!  See the show -- it's dreamy good.

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