Identity Clothing

Posted on January 20, 2013 by Sandy Ericson

Alas, while bemoaning the tasking overload that seems to be constant now, I notice that some people, like Barack Obama and Kate Moss -- see article -- are simply choosing to wear the same look every day, thereby conserving their decision making energy for the big stuff.  The strategy is not new, having been properly studied and labeled -- it's called identity clothing.  Now it's seen everywhere, whether it's black,  jeans & T-shirt, or the suit.  Tempting, but terminally boring, unless you are the President with really big stuff on your mind.  The problem is you will eventually identify yourself in that way long after the look has served its purpose -- habits are insidious.  So, in a way, it arrests personal development -- the natural growth and evolution that comes with life phases.  Change is good for growth.  Dress because it is a personal act of creativity and exercise for the right side of the brain, the hotspot for new ideas!

Posted in Clothing & Human Behavior, January 2013

Style Counts More Than Fashion - Always Has

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