Style Counts More Than Fashion - Always Has

Posted on January 31, 2013 by Sandy Ericson

It's hard to describe exactly why style is important for the development of a culturally rich civilization.  It's not about the money, nor the social position, nor celebrity, nor the fashion industry, nor being gorgeous.  It is about what style brings into each person's own life and many interesting lives make a vivid civilization. Ari Seth Cohen in his Advanced Style Blog has summed it up so perfectly, one simply can not say it better.  Go to this link and learn!

And then, if you had it but need a style transfusion, get his new book, Advanced Style, published today!  Study it, since It is style, for both men and women, that makes each person a "player" (to quote my mother) for life.  Next time:  Where to learn it in the first place?

Posted in Clothing & Human Behavior, January 2013

How Do We Acquire Style?

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