Vogue is Back!

Posted on March 07, 2013 by Sandy Ericson

 Amazing but there it was -- right on the pages of Vogue which just the month before I had decided not to renew after 40 years.  I lost all hope that the necessity to cover our bodies would ever again be based upon reality and not a fantasy trip or something worse. Month after month it had become a magazine apparently designed to keep extraterrestrial photographers going or to be used as a B2B catalog, either way both magazine and clothing customers were the last thought.  But the new issue shows the clothes clearly and the clothes are actually ones that can be worn in public -- great clothes that I would even save up for -- and not every model was 12!  The bald truth: Fashion leadership depends on teaching fashion, one of every magazine's most important missions.  Readers come to learn, understand and adopt.  Praise be, Vogue is back in the game.  As proof, there was:

  • A strong emphasis on beautiful design and cut, as opposed to surface design on cookie cutter patterns.  
  • The clothing was functional, that is versatile and comfortable for more people than starving models.
  • The clothes were more covered up -- great news for freezing and wrinkled people.
  • Hems are no longer mini (knees should not be advertised) -- maybe grown-ups (they have the money) will now buy more skirts.
  • Parts match again. This is big. A look involves the whole body, having applied the art principles of rhythm, focal point, repetition of key elements and many others.  Women can again be visually coordinated, seem intelligent and present a single concept, without the sense they were dressed by their teenage daughters.  Shoes and jackets match!
  • And finally -- heavens, thanks for letting me live to see it! -- spandex is no longer a design tool.

The February Vogue is a welcome return to intelligent fashion and good taste, both of which affects careers and take home pay. Millennials, elegance and taste depend on a person's cultural sophistication, never his or her income.  The best quote on that subject (sorry, forgot who) goes something like this:  "You are dressed well if you can go to the worst part of town and not stand out as superior and then to the best part of town and not be seen as inferior."

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