The Best Bridal Gown Ever

Posted on March 30, 2013 by Sandy Ericson

 Once the New York Times was on board, this item had to move to the front of waiting articles.  

Finally!!!  The planet is leaving the strange bridal gown world in which strapless, corseted, mega busts are routinely upholstered in heavy fabrics and move like the prow of the ship through rough waters.  Thanks to Downton Abbey, new focus on exquisite taste and just plain time for change, the new and better bridal gown is not built on re-bars, features normal proportions and skims the body with lightweight beautifully cut, moveable fabrics. Brides can be beautiful authentic women again, gowned in naturally cut and constructed designs that will be treasures forever, not a rigid uniform for one day.

For the best lesson on the concept check this video from the Times.  Then pop over to look again at Draping and Designing With Scissors and Cloth 1920's and 1930's -- 2 volumes which the Downton ladies would have had tucked away when it was time to visit the dressmaker.  Then, think it through -- how the bias cut makes clothes and brides so beautiful.  And lastly, consider the original surface design of the era in The Art & Craft of Ribbonwork.  (P.S. The most fabulous ribbons are found at The Ribbonerie in San Francisco -- call Paulette for the posh details, samples, advice.)

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