The Check It Out List

Posted on June 26, 2013 by Sandy Ericson

Time to send along some interesting resources!  So here’s the list of links:

    1. Online consignment shopping, a recycler's nirvana.
    2. A real life example of why dressing is a key ingredient of civil life.
    3. These people really are snoops -- they get all the most important fashion trends and their free alert gives you just enough of a clue.
    4. Nice place to learn -- happy to see lots of people are realizing that pattern design is the most fun!
    5. Ditto
    6. New people with great ideas.
    7. Where you can go and get images of the most incredible pieces -- idea central.
    8. This will make you think again about carving out enough time to Sew It Yourself.
    9. A nod to menswear here which is taking off like mad now -- if you're in that business, this is where to go to find out what everyone else knows.
    10. Drop in on this chat with Raf Simons, now at Dior and one of the most credible pattern designers out there.
    11. Great images of the best.
    12. Read this essay -- it is like Obi-Wan Kenobi telling you how to live your life -- heaven help you if you don't pay attention.
    13. And lastly, the doc we've all been waiting for -- Men of Cloth, the film about tailoring as a skill, as a career -- dream on.

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