Posted on October 23, 2013 by Sandy Ericson

It's happened again! The economy went down, unemployment went up, competition for jobs came back with a vengeance and the first weapon on that front is always simply looking great -- so easy, so much fun and so socially and financially profitable! This economy-driven cycle regularly returns about once or twice a generation (30 years). And when men start looking great again, women compete too.  It's about getting selected by a guy with an eye, even if the eye is newly acquired.  I know looks are definitely not everything but we're not talking male model, just a show of a little sartorial taste.  So this month we have what I hope will be the first in a run of men's jackets, shirts, vests -- maybe some interesting, odd ties. The aesthetic now in the male world is an easy, yet original, cut in fabulous fabrics and colors -- a very welcome departure from the standard jock, corporate or grunge image. The emphasis is on comfort, practicality, great texture and color and design lines that avoid the usual.  Have fun with it!
P.S. Since everybody loses a scarf now and then, the Scarf Jacket could be unisex too.


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