Transformational Reconstruction Volume 1

Transformational Reconstruction Volume 1


by Shingo Sato

Shingo Sato, a couture designer who designs for private clients and teaches in both Milan and Tokyo, specializes in a design technique called TR.  Progressing in complexity, this book portrays Transformational Reconstruction in detailed photographs and descriptions as it moves through increasingly elaborate design applications. The book is accompanied by two DVD's, containing videos to match each of 12 chapters. Videos included with the book are exclusive to the book and are not found on Mr Sato's YouTube channel. Fourteen chapters in total, 120 pages, heavily illustrated in black and white photography.

New - paperback - wire bound - 8.5" x 11" - 120 pages - with two DVD's - In English - ISBN 9780983425007

See what others are creating with the TR technique.

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