About Us

The Whole Point!

Woodcut Women The 21st Century has brought change everywhere, along with much new brilliance.  We are at once coping, inventing, living fuller, expressing  -- no longer having to think about the here and now -- we are living it and doing so by using all of our skills in more places, every day. This is a new website for a new time and through it we hope to present the best work in pattern design and the best knowledge of the past -- the two are always the magic mixture,  producing a whole new zeitgeist for the next era.
Our mission here is to recognize the skill of pattern designing, to educate and provide research for professional development and to explore contemporary applications. We hope this leads the fashion industry to place greater value on the work of highly skilled pattern designers and thereby offer the public more interesting and better fitting clothing. Most of all, we want new generations to follow their curiosity, create new forms and learn from the best in history. Finally, we hope that the art and fine skills of pattern designing continue to impart confidence, creativity and yield personal success for those professionals who recognize the importance of beautiful fit and design.
New ways to cut a pattern are emerging . . .you can look forward to:
    •    Zero-Waste Cutting - Sustainable fashion, a new and unique industry in which the                 pattern rules.
    •    Containers - patterns of boxes, lanterns, handbags
    •    Digital Graphics - pattern cutting engineered to the surface design
    •    Molding and Forming - patterns developed from molded forms
    •    Animated Draping - new CAD and 3-D programs
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Our Online Philosophy . . .

As the online world explodes and there is more and more, one has to take a stand on some things in order to remain clear and grounded. Our approach to being an online presence is that we do not accept advertising. Our only purpose here is to offer good products and information that help people be more skilled pattern makers, designers and craftspeople.  We do occasionally endorse the products we use but it reflects our satisfaction with the products, not paid advertising.

We print-on-demand (POD) which means that when we get an order for a CFPD label book or pattern, we print it.  For a new book we may print 5 - 10 extra to be ready and we try to ship the next day. It makes sense to POD since few have the resources for a large inventory any more; however, the downside is that each costs more.  Just know we are pricing the products at that delicate balance between customer affordability and staying in business -- it's a dance.

We want to make our site user friendly and a good fit for our followers, so if you have a great idea or think we should be doing something different or better, just tap out an email -- we want to know! 

Thank you for checking in here and please let others, especially students, know about your discovery!
Sandy Ericson