Online Ordering Tips

The reality is that these days we are able to shop at lots of stores that are located elsewhere -- technology makes that possible. Everyone -- buyers and sellers -- must do their best to understand how it works and to operate it properly. Here are a few tips to make the experience easier.

1. If you are ordering a product at work, you may be locked out of store sites by your employer. Many companies have blocks to online stores on their company computers to prevent employees from shopping during work hours. This is especially true if you use a PayPal account.

2. You may have old software on your computer. That means you may have an out-of-date browser -- Explorer, Firefox, Safari. Online stores have to maintain the most current software or else it costs them business, but many customers do not update their software as frequently and so sometimes the age spread of the different programs is too long and the versions are incompatible. You should make sure you have the most current browser version all the time; browser updates are free.

3. Make sure you take the time and seek assistance to learn how shopping carts work. If you use a credit card, make sure you fill out the whole form and only click the ʻsubmitʼ button once to prevent a double charge. Do not get impatient while it processes. Your local library, community center or community college may have someone to assist you to learn the online shopping conventions. 

4. Many businesses use PayPal since it is a secure way to assure that both seller and buyer are protected in the transaction. Itʼs very helpful to businesses if you would use PayPal and it makes the process quicker for the buyer. We also use PayPal for our credit card processing. Go to and get a PayPal account. Again, take the time to learn it -- itʼs easy. You do not need an account if you want to use your credit card.

5. If you have accounts with different online businesses, make a list of your login emails and/or passwords. If you put in a new or different email, you may not be able to complete your transaction quickly. Creating multiple accounts at the same store site makes it difficult to track your order and hinders customer service when you need it most. If you arenʼt sure of your login status, put in your email address and hit “forgot password” at the login window.

6. Check and double-check your email address. The success of the shopping system relies on an accurate email address. If yours is entered incorrectly, you will not receive the order confirmation, order updates or shipping notifications. Your email is private with us. We do not share or sell any customer information. 

7. Check and double-check your shipping address. Make sure you include your entire address including apartment, suite, unit, floor or box numbers. The US Post Office does not guess at your address, they just return the box.