Misprints of The Pyramid Dress Pattern AS IS

Misprints of The Pyramid Dress Pattern AS IS

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The printer has made some errors in printing the Pyramid Dress by cropping the edges too close. The pattern piece itself is perfect there just isn't the space (at least 4")  around the edge that makes it easier to work with. All you need to do is trace the pattern onto a larger wider piece of paper or add paper to the sides yourself. I am offering the misprints at a steep discount - $6 paper pattern pattern only. $10 paper pattern with instructions - no plastic sleeve on either. Pattern will ship in a plain envelope via first class mail. Shipping is included in the pattern price for orders within the continental US. Shipping will be refunded post purchase or request a paypal invoice - apologies.

About the Pyramid Dress: This pattern in an example of Julian Roberts’ Subtraction Cutting system of pattern design. It is so named for its debut at the Pyramids in Indianapolis and its method of construction in which it is drawn up into a pyramid and stitched. You can find out more about Julian Roberts’ work via his website: julianand.com

General Information: This garment hangs on the bias. Therefore, depending on the give of your chosen fabric it is difficult to give exact finished garment measurements for each size. Pattern includes sizes 6 to 14, bust sizes 32” to 42” approximately.

Suggested fabrics: satin back crepe, loosely woven woolens, linen, silk with body, anything with drape on the bias. Striped crisp weaves also yield interesting results. Best when using fabric at 55” and up, the wider the better. With narrower fabric piecing will be required.

Yardage varies but usually 1.5 to 2.5 yards for a tunic and 5 yards for a tea length dress. You are the designer, feel free to be creative with this pattern. There are no rules.

Seam allowances are not included. Ship Priority Flat Rate within the US.

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