Advanced Pattern Grading Simplified NEW PRICE!

Advanced Pattern Grading Simplified NEW PRICE!


Advanced Pattern Grading Simplified by Jack Kirschner.

This grading book teaches a hands-on method for grading women's garment patterns with speed and accuracy using the pivot & shift methods. This method was employed by professional pattern designers prior to the introduction of computer software.  Here's the method: You stack sheets of paper, one for each size, then shift and pivot them, cutting as you go. When you're done, you have all the sizes of the pattern already cut and ready to use, no tracing, no printing out in wide width paper -- it's all a cutting process. The book includes kimono sleeves and more complex bodices and collars. It's perfect if you're not doing computer aided design (CAD) or planning on it. Heavily illustrated with oversized cutting diagrams and detailed text instructions. 

173 pages, 8.5 X 11, spiral bound in English.

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