Home Sewing Is Easy

Home Sewing Is Easy


By Sally Stitch

This little book is just perfect for teaching children to sew -- it's so good at engaging children that it is the first time we have actually reprinted a sewing and not a pattern book -- just couldn't resist!  Originally, it was a true 1950's comic book in the traditional style on newsprint.  We have republished it on better paper but still with all the brilliant and engaging graphics.  The instructions are clear and simple, directly related to close-up illustrations in the right sequence for making a dress.  Today it also offers us a dose of humor evidenced by the name of the fictitious author and some of the family scenes -- they're great!  It would be the ideal text for a children's sewing class or any beginning sewing class!  It's also a wonderful gift for a budding fashionista or a collector's item for '50's fans. 

Reprint - 4-color - paperback - wire bound - 6" X 8" - 63 pages

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