PREORDER! Lingerie Patternmaking and Grading Simplified plus PDF Sloper Pattern

PREORDER! Lingerie Patternmaking and Grading Simplified plus PDF Sloper Pattern


Preorder will be shipping by the end of September. For a limited time I will be offering the accompanying sloper pattern as a complementary download. This offer ends October 15th. After which the download will be available to purchase separately.

Jack Kirschner was an industry pattern cutter during the period before computers. The clothing and textile industry was one of the biggest in the US at the time and many systems were developed then to make the pattern making tasks faster and more accurate. Kirschner published 2 books on quick pattern grading, or sizing, one for clothing, Advanced Pattern Grading Simplified, and this one for lingerie. We reprint them to serve those who operate small studio environments, often custom, without large computer systems and also for many foreign companies which also may not have access to CAD programs. The methods in the book are applicable to most lingerie garments and also for tights, swimsuits and stretch garments, considerably speeding the tedious task of hand grading. Included in the subject matter is bras, slips, panties, nightgowns, pajamas, bed jackets and union suits -- or, in today’s jargon, the catsuit! Pattern designers may also use the "slip" concept as the starting pattern for many versions of the slip dress popular today. The form-fitting "slip" is the starting basic block for the many lingerie garments illustrated in the book so we have included a full scale, nest graded, combination slip block pattern as a shop copy digital file -- sizes 6-18 which can be adjusted for style, size and contour using the Kirschner method.

The Slip Block Pattern will be emailed to you in PDF form once your printed book ships. It is 36” x 46” and can be self printed at your local copy shop including Fedex.
New - Reprint - Spiral bound - 8.5" X 11" - 101 pages.

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