Designer Diagonals

Designer Diagonals


By Virginia West

This is the companion book to A Cut Above by Virginia West, one of the best clothing pattern designers in the weaving world.  Weavers try to avoid unnecessary cutting of their valuable cloth and as a result, some have become experts at folding and laying out the cloth on the bias to achieve beautiful designs and fit with the least cutting; Virginia West is the reigning expert.  This same process was used by Madeleine Vionnet as she developed her famous designs in a similar geometric approach. The designs lend themselves to different fabric widths, color blocking, combining contrasting fabrics, stripe and nap effects, engineered surface designs, pleating and many other treatments; imagination is the only limit! There are very few pattern pieces and all can be cut and sewn quickly for excellent wearability and high fashion impact. 

New - Paperback - 8.5" X 11" - stapled - 44 pages

ISBN 978-0-9617110-9-2

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