A Cut Above: Couture Clothing for Fiber Artists

A Cut Above: Couture Clothing for Fiber Artists


Couture Clothing For Fiber Artists by Virginia West

This book came out in 1992 and is filled with bias designs intended for handwoven or loosely woven commercial yardage.  The reason for the bias angle, pun intended, was that the bias gives a more fluid fit without cutting and stitching bulky seams and darts.  Usually, cutting hand-woven fabric on the straight grain  runs the risk of becoming the dreaded 'bog-shirt' -- a stiff, flat garment with no fit.  So  Virginia West met the challenge by designing handwoven and loosely woven garments using the bias while minimizing waste.  A weaver's finished cloth is very precious -- no weaver can bear to cut into their fabric without some trauma.  So this book is perfect! And perfect for novelty fabrics that have good bias drape. All the designs are figured to generate the least amount of waste (many produce zero waste) and the most custom fit.  Illustrations with detailed patterns on every page.  43 pages.  There is also a companion book, Designer Diagonals, that features even more bias designs.

New - Paperback - 8.5" X 11" - Perfect bind - 43 pages

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