Harry Simons Drafting Mens Shirts and Undergarments Reorder on the way!

 Harry Simons Drafting Mens Shirts and Undergarments Reorder on the way!


Harry Simons Drafting Mens Shirts and Undergarments

This second book is focused upon everyday wear for men and boys like sport shirts and work shirts but it also includes those other important daily garments like pajamas, bathrobes and drawers, even long ones just for wear with jeans (it was written before central heating), making this book a great basis for a thriving business of underneath necessities -- the Brits call them the 'smalls'.  Once a person experiences the everyday comfort and confidence of wearing custom made clothing, there's no going back -- completely changes the thinking.   Another way to apply these lessons for a small manufacturing business, is to do production runs for niche markets that do not fit standard sizing.  Complete instructions on using the Tailor's Square (and a source for purchasing) are included with illustrations of the draft's.

This book will introduce you to three big concepts in menswear, pattern drafting in general (as opposed to draping or flat pattern design), the use of the Tailor's Square and the principles of the proportional system of pattern drafting.  The lessons are for beginners and cover all the details, including how to use the Tailor's Square itself.  This is the companion book to Drafting Mens Work Garments and continues the lessons to make shirts and underwear for men and boys. The proportional system was the core concept of customized clothing during the first half of the 20th Century and the Tailor's Square was designed to shortcut the math and speed up the process.  The proportional system, originating in Europe and still in prevalent use, is based upon fundamental principles of the anatomy of the human body in nature and applies those similarities between all people to the drafting of patterns; it can be applied to both men and women.  Custom measurements are taken to make individual adjustments as each pattern is drafted.  Both books form a solid basis for a more affordable custom menswear business or a small manufacturing firm that serves a niche market, one that does not require the expense of tailoring fabrics or the time of hand stitching but still delivers garments that fit beautifully and can be individual in color, cut and fit for each market or customer.  

Reprint - paperback - wire bound - 8.5" X 11" - 56 pages

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