Half Scale Sloper Set Digital Download

Half Scale Sloper Set Digital Download


This is a digital file to be printed at home or at a copy shop. If you would like a paper pattern shipped to you please order that item here: https://www.centerforpatterndesign.com/patterns-1/half-scale-sloper-set

When ordering the digital pattern - the file must be downloaded within 24 hours after your first click of the link.

You will receive 2 files or formats to print your pattern in a zip file.

A shop copy file which is 36” wide and most commonly printed at a local copy shop.

A 8 x 11 letter sized file which will require you to tape 10 sheets of paper together.

This pattern consists of the bodice and skirt of the front and back of a straight sheath dress (the basic dress) and includes the sleeve and a dress form arm pattern for padding. This pattern enables you to develop a flat pattern design in half scale and try it out on a form before you go to the greater effort of working in full scale. It's perfect for use in crowded classrooms to teach flat pattern design more efficiently, completing more assignments in the time available. Designers will be able to quickly experiment with various concepts, either by draping or flat pattern, before committing to the sample making stage. It's really good for Zero Waste try-outs!

This pattern set includes 2 digital files for printing the sloper dress set,

a 36” wide shop copy file that you can take to a local copy shop

and a 8 x 11

Sloper set includes skirt front and back, bodice front and back, and fitted sleeve and filled arm. The pattern fits the American made Dress Rite form, size 6/8, with measurements of Bust-17", W-13", H-18" and BWL-15.5.  It may be altered to fit other forms.  It is best to work in gingham when experimenting since the behavior of the grain is immediately obvious and opens up many clever uses for unusual grain-based textile characteristics in the finished design.

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