MySize Barbie Form Cover Pattern

MySize Barbie Form Cover Pattern


This pattern creates the cover for the MySize Barbie.  The figure is proportionately correct for a half scale approximate size 10 dress form except for the fashion length legs. The figure would be a 9 -head figure customarily used in the fashion industry. This product is the pattern only. The fabric and doll are not included. 

About Draping on the MySize Barbie
After locating a MySize Barbie either new or on Ebay, the head should be removed which is done by snapping it from the figure like a bottle cap or making a small incision in the grip of the neck and removing it that way.  Garments are perceived much differently with the head on, usually not as well.

 To drape on the form, use fine, silk pins without a glass head (too big).  The arms and legs articulate but only go in one direction. Put hook and loop fastener on the bottom of the feet and the mating side on a base to make a sturdy stand.

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